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The curriculum at Cameron Vale follows a clearly structured academic course, from Reception to Year 6, allowing each child to be fully prepared to sit their senior school entrance examinations. Class Teachers teach the majority of the academic subjects to their pupils, however, children are taught by specialist teachers for subjects such as French, Latin, computing, art, music and PE.

At the heart of the curriculum are the core subjects of mathematics, English, science and computing. In addition, geography, history, French and other aesthetic and practical activities such as art and DT, drama, music, current affairs, debating, RE., PSHE and physical education are included to ensure a balanced curriculum and to create a full and purposeful day for each child.

The school is designed to be completely child-centred, modern and warm, creating the right atmosphere for learning. Expectations and results are high, yet the atmosphere at Cameron Vale is not unnecessarily pressurised; its programme is designed to develop each child’s personality and to stretch and extend his or her individual talents. A high teacher/pupil ratio is essential to Cameron Vale’s success. Excellent provision is made for children of exceptionally high IQ, or unusual ability, e.g. Explorers’ and Discovery Clubs, String Group and Artists’ Group. The aim is to instil a firm sense of self, a passion for exploration and a freedom to express creativity, balanced by good manners, confidence, kindness and a selfless interest in others.

One of the first tasks is to foster a joy of reading, which Cameron Vale believes is the best foundation for future learning, reinforced by age-specific libraries and book corners in each class. All pupils can access the school’s own intranet, interactive whiteboards, class laptops and the computer suite.

There is always an open dialogue between parents and teachers and this contributes to the welcoming feel of the school. The Headmistress of Cameron Vale, Bridget Saul, is always delighted to give parents a tour of the school so that they can experience its special qualities for themselves.