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Our Aims and Values

At Cameron Vale our school ethos is built on a set of key values that are used to support the development of your child and promote quality teaching and learning. 

Our aim is for our school’s values to become a natural part of each child’s understanding of the world, and collectively we work together to ensure they underpin every child’s experience of life at school.  

Our philosophy is simple; that children who are stimulated and challenged will develop a lifelong love of learning and be inspired to become the best versions of themselves that they can possibly be.   

We foster self-belief, promote curiosity and build resilience through a learning culture where teamwork, taking calculated risks and learning to cope with challenge is the norm and mistakes are seen as a natural part of the learning process. We give our children the time and space to be children, within a community that celebrates diversity and individuality.  

We create this ethos and achieve these aims by:  

  • Providing a warm, happy, family atmosphere 

  • Ensuring all children are valued and cared for as individuals  

  • Providing a challenging educational experience through a broad, balanced and enriching curriculum  

  • Offering high quality teaching that motivates and inspires children to develop a lifelong love of learning   

  • Encouraging children to be curious, creative and independent and not be deterred by challenge or failure  

  • Promoting our 5 Cs; curiosity, courage, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, reflectiveness and ambition 

  • Celebrating success and achievement  

  • Generating opportunities for leadership  

Our Values

Our five simple values are intended to support the personal, social and spiritual development of each child in our care as they journey through the school. 



Courage takes many guises in the life of young children growing up. Facing a challenge, overcoming a fear, performing in public or handling disappointment. Courage is not innate, and we strive to teach our children the need to be courageous. By teaching our children courage, we are giving them the opportunity to try, to fail and then to try again. 


Be Curious

We want our children to take a keen interest in the world around them and develop a love of learning. When faced with the scale, intricacy and magnificence of the world around them our hope is that they develop a sense of wonder and humility.



Be Collaborative

Collaboration lies at the heart of our approach to teaching and learning. The ability to collaborate is a life skill which will underpin children’s success throughout their life at school and beyond. We teach our children how to collaborate when learning; to work together, compromise and share.



The use of imagination or original ideas to create something new; it requires passion and commitment. Creativity is characterised by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions. Creativity involves two processes: thinking and then producing. 


Critical thinker

We embrace and encourage thinking critically about the world’s problems. We teach our children how to learn and be analytical, to empower them to join the adult world as lifelong learners with the ability and skills to solve 21st Century problems.


The impact of these values is clearly visible at Cameron Vale, we see it in children’s relationships with one another, their personal well-being, attitudes to learning and learning diligence.  

Our hope is that our values will provide your child with a dynamic compass whilst at school to guide them throughout the rest of their lives, strengthening their resilience and well-being.