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Hidden curriculum

At Cameron Vale, we instil a growth mindset in all our children, thereby giving them the freedom to take risks in their own learning, not be deterred by challenge and always ‘have a go’. This is but a glimpse of one of the many hidden areas of our curriculum. Alongside English, Maths, Science and Languages, the elements that might normally be expected to be found in a Prep School curriculum, our Hidden Curriculum exists to equip each child with the mind-set and a breadth of knowledge to underpin their future success  at senior school years and beyond. Our Hidden Curriculum is designed to prepare our children, both academically and personally, for the next step in their educational journey.

It is an impossible task to list everything under the umbrella of our Hidden Curriculum. From our class sizes and our after-school clubs to our School Council and our ‘sport for all’ approach; all counts. Our Hidden Curriculum is about teaching children that mistakes are a natural part of the learning process, that finding things a little challenging yet having the courage to carry on, will see us on the path to happiness and success.

As a springboard to life at senior school, resilience, capacity for collaboration, risk taking and perseverance are developed across every subject and in every lesson. In the classroom, we have developed an approach where teachers and children alike are encouraged to explore new and better ways of doing things.